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New Temple (2)

New Temple (2)

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  1. R.Vijayaraj says:

    Tamilnadu one of the famous Jain Historic ancient place.Swasthi Shree Dhavalakeerthi Battaraka Swamiji is the Chairman of Acharya Shree Akalanka Educational Trust with the Blessings of Swasthi Shree Charukeerthi Swamiji ,Shrevanabelegola Karnataka. Jains 4 kind of Dhanaa’s – Ahar Dhanam, Aoushadha Dhanaam, Abhaya Dhanaam, Vidya Dhanaam are properly taking care here. Dhaana Chinthamani Shree M.K.Jain & family,Chennai is the Main Donor and their contribution for all is very very appreciable particularly Poor Students Education.

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