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Jain Temples in Tamilnadu

There are more than two hundred Jain Temples and fifty Jain hills in Tamilnadu:

Madurai, Thanjavur and Kanchipuram which have been the great cities of historical importance in Tamilnadu for more than 2500 years are also cities around which many of these Jain temples flourished.  Here is a list of  places in Tamilnadu that have Jain temples currently:

  • Aarpaakkam-Rishabha-devar,
  • Agaloor
  • Agarkorakottai
  • Akkarnur
  • Alagar malai
  • Alakiramam
  • Aluritimalai
  • Ammasamuthiram
  • Anaimalai
  • Anaipatti
  • Anamanthakudi
  • Ananthpuram
  • Annamangalam
  • Anthaimalai
  • Arani
  • Arnipalayam
  • Arungakulam-Dharmanatha Tirthnkarar,
  • Ayilavadi
  • Birudur
  • Cakkarapuram
  • Chengam
  • cheyyar,
  • Cinjee
  • DeepanKudi-Adhinathar (Deepanathar)
  • Elamangalam
  • Elangadu
  • Ennaryiram Malai
  • Erumpur
  • Eruvelipattu
  • Esakolathur
  • Ethanemmeli
  • Eyyil
  • Gudlur
  • Iyivarmalai
  • Jangampoondi
  • Kallakolathur
  • Kallapuliyur
  • Kalpoondi
  • Kanchipuram,
  • Kannalam
  • Kappaloor
  • Kappiyampuliyurand
  • Karanttankudi
  • Karipakkam
  • Kattumaliayanoor
  • Kattusittamur
  • Keelavalivu.)
  • Kelakkalmulli,
  • Keledayalam
  • Kelputhur
  • Kelsattamangalam
  • Kelvayalomoor
  • Kiliayanoor
  • Kollar
  • Kongarpuliyankulam
  • Koonabadi
  • Koothvedu
  • Korakottai
  • Kudavosal
  • Kumbakonam
  • Kunnathur
  • Kuppasamuthuram
  • Kuthaveedu
  • Malapambadi
  • Malpndal
  • Mangulamali
  • Manjapattu
  • Mannargudi-Mallinathar
  • Mayilam
  • MelAthippakkam
  • Melmaliyanur
  • Melminnal,
  • Melmudiyanoor
  • Mettupattimalai(Sittarmalai)
  • Moliyanoor
  • Moranam,
  • Motur
  • Mudlur
  • Mundiambakkam
  • Munigiri (karanthai),
  • Muougampoondi
  • Muthupattimalai
  • Muttathur
  • Naarthamalai
  • Nagamaali
  • Nagaram
  • Nallavanpalayam
  • Nallur
  • Nariamputhur,
  • Narikudi
  • Narkoil
  • Naval,
  • Nelliyankulam
  • Othalavadi
  • Pallichandam
  • Pallivaoyal
  • Parikalpattu
  • Peidagam
  • Peranamullur
  • Perani
  • Peravoor
  • Periyakorakottai
  • Perunbogai
  • Pillur
  • Polur
  • Ponnur
  • Poondi
  • Pudukkamur
  • Pulimanthangal
  • Ramanad DT
  • Reddiyarpalam
  • S.V.nagaram
  • Sadaiyarparai
  • Sallukai
  • Sathuperipalayam
  • Sentiambakkam
  • Setharakuppam
  • Shramanarmalai
  • Sindhipattu
  • Sitraugavor
  • Snathamangalam
  • SolaiArugavoor
  • Somaspadi
  • Tachambadi
  • Tachchur
  • Tayanoor
  • Teesur
  • Tellar
  • Tennathur
  • Thalavanoor malai
  • Thenimalai and Malaikoil
  • Thensenthamangalam
  • Thirakoil
  • Thirukoilur
  • Thirumalai
  • Thirunarunkondai
  • ThirunatharKundram
  • Thirunedumparai
  • Thiruvannamali
  • Thondur
  • Thrunelveli
  • Thrupparankundram
  • Tindivanam
  • Thiruparmbur
  • Tirunaram Kondram (VijayaMangalam) (20 Km from Erode).
  • Tirupppanamoor,
  • Torappadi
  • Truchy and Salem DT
  • Uppuvelur
  • Utthamapalyam
  • Vadmaruthur
  • Valathi malai
  • Valthi
  • Varichur
  • Vedaraniam
  • Veedur
  • Veeracholapuram
  • Veeramadi
  • Veeranamoor
  • Veliayanallur,
  • Vellai,
  • Vellimodupetai
  • Vemppondi
  • Venkunam
  • Vianbakkam,
  • Vikkramangalam
  • Villivanam
  • Villupuram
  • Vilukkam
  • Vipedu
  • Wandavasi
  • Yhirumalaisamuthiram

52 Responses to “Jain Temples in Tamilnadu”

  1. Prof.Dr.Kanaka.Ajithadoss says:

    Sri Jinaya Namah
    Samyak Darsan
    Wonderful work exciting
    I will be a part of your efforts- a noble service both to the society and religion
    samyak charitram

  2. kanakadoss says:

    dear selvam
    welcome to the fold of jain site creators.i appreciate your efforts in doing something for the community and if every one contributes their might, however small it may be,jains will not be drifted to “mithyaathvam”.
    is there anything greater than our contribution to tamil language and preaching of “ahimsa paramodarma “to the world ?
    regarding the work, please speak to me …i have noted down some improvements to be made in that.
    all the best

  3. A. Boopal says:

    This is the Wonderful website to know about our religion and history & Temples very good information
    Try to organise all Tamil jains people address & phone number database collect very useful & growth of Ours religion.
    164, N.M. Road, Avadi,
    Chennai – 600 054.

  4. Devakumaran jain says:

    This is the awesome website to know about jains………

  5. Singapore Tamiljains Forum says:

    This is a great service to Jainism, especially to Tamil Jains… We wish the updating information is sustainable..

  6. nirmal kumar says:

    jain tamples in chennai and surounding should be converted to thirth or tourist place so people can visit and have knowledge about jainism and jainism in tamil nadu

  7. Bharath Iyengar says:

    What a fantastic article…I was reading about somethings I never ever knew..

    thanks so much

  8. VIJAYASENAN says:

    It is an historic effort and Kudos to the admin team. Hopefully wider coverage is the direction

  9. P.PRAKASH says:

    good afternoon sir all jain temple address and temple contact phone number must. details entered your address and my email id

    • admin says:

      Hi Mr. Prakash.. It will definitely be very useful to add address and contact phone numbers for all temples in Tamilnadu.. I’m not clear from your comment if you have this information. If so, please do sent it to us and we will be glad to post that on the site..

  10. sunder says:

    I am a native of tirukoyilur, is there any archeological jain temples near by. i have visited andimalai about 20 kms from tirukoyilur. but what i saw was a horrible site, were the locals were breaking the boulders into small rocks and selling it.

    • admin says:

      It is indeed sad to see that archelogical sites are being destroyed. Lack of awareness of the value of these sites is the chief reason. Hope we can collectively raise sufficient awareness to change the situation..

  11. sachin jain says:

    I am relocating to chennai, kindly help me with list of Jain ( Digamber perferabley) in and around chennai.

    Thanks and regards

    sachin jain

  12. santhosh jain says:

    sir jai jinendra, amazing work,which is very essential now …..am doing my self search on tamilnadu jain temples and caves….a article made by me published in a magazine called mangalvatika every month about each temple of tamilnadu jains.there s a need of unity to save the proofs of real history.there are many temples ve been getting converted even now.i always use to think tht if any prolific jain scholar becomes a muni from tamilnadu,i guess again all these places of wisdom can bloom.i wish n hope soon i see the days of bloomng.till then as shravaks i think its our duty to take care of such monuments.wish n hope to join hands wid u guys where ever i can do my best in this way……………siddosi,buddhosi,parishuddosi.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your immense contribution to this cause Mr. Santhosh Jain. We would love to publish information you may have to share about jain temples in tamilnadu. Completely agree with you there is a need for collective effort in saving historic sites from getting destroyed.. Looking forward to collaborating with you in this regard..

  13. Neera Jain says:

    Today while searching for Jain temples in Tamil Nadu I found such a wonderful information. I was just thinking that shall we take our mother to Tamil Nadu tour but now i am happy that we can take her to have a Jain yatra in Tamil nadu.
    I just appreciate you for such a wonderful work

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your appreciative words. Very happy to hear that you found the information here useful and it influenced you to make a Jain Yatra to Tamilnadu.

  14. Siva says:


    Lot of important Jain sites in pudukkottai dist. pls add that too…

  15. Siva says:


    I am having Chithral, Vaillimalai,Ammchatram photos. If you requied I will share it…

    • admin says:

      Thanks for sharing this information Siva; we would love to publish any pictures you have of these sites.. Kindly do share this with us..

  16. S.NATARAJAN says:

    wonderful site.very useful to know a lot about jainism.a religion which prohibits drinking,non veg eating cultureis the ideal religion to the presentday world.long back i used to read mukkudai a journal from jaina ilanaigar mandram chennai.is it still available for subscription.pl let me know

  17. Dr.K.Ajithadoss says:

    Sir thank you. the list requires certain corrections. to cite one Tirunaram Kondram (VijayaMangalam) (20 Km from Erode). Is Vijayamangalam otherwise known as Tirunaram Kondram ? Do we have temples at Mutthupatti malai? or Aivarmalai? Mailam?

  18. Siva says:


    In Melur village, pudukkottai dist one Jain Idol is there. U can see the photos in following link..


  19. Walter says:

    I put these on a GoogleMap here: map of Jain temples in Tamil Nadu.

    Also, I have taken pictures of the Jain site at Tirumalai a few days ago, see here: Tirumalai photos

  20. Walter says:

    I met last week with some academics from the Institut Francais de Pondichery, who are compiling a joint DVD and website project with data and photographs on over 400 Jain sites around Tamil Nadu.

    When this is released, it will be the most authoritative reference to Jain sites in Tamil Nadu ever published, and will probably remain so for some time.

  21. C.Jayasenan says:

    Alagramam village is located 4kM from mailam railway station. This Jain temple was built during British rule of India. It is one of the well maintained temple.

    This is one among 5 Jain temples in entire tamilnadu, where 10 days urchavam is performed for more than 100 years.

    This is in reply to query raised by Dr.K.Ajithadoss on April 13, 2011 on temples near mailam village.

    I hope Institute Francais de Pondichery DVD will cover more about this village.


  22. A.Somarajan says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thankyou for having put lot of thinking and energy on this web site. It is wonderful and very much informative. Further you can add a location maps- in reltion to existing nearby towns- for all these places covered in this web site based on actual yahoo maps or google maps or govt district maps.It is really a big job to do but you can make a begining on this. You also can get the satellite views of some places from ‘google earth ‘perfectly but that is not needed at present.
    About south arcot inscriptions you can go through the tamil book “Nadunattil Samanam” written by Pulavar. Na. Venkatesan of Villianoor. Published by Thirumudi pathipagam,East Sannathi Street, Villiyanoor Post, Puducherry State-605110
    Also in North Arcot (presently TVMalai dist.)at nelliyankulam villge there ae inscriptions on the west side wall of the main temple but it is yet to be read and recorded.
    Recently there was a paper cutting about Venkundram Hill caves which I am sending by e-mail for your record.

  23. Abhishek says:

    hello Sir,

    i am in coimbatore.
    i am from MP so i don’t know which thirth is near to coimbatore.
    Could you please provide me the info about the nearest digamber jain thirth kshetre from coimbatore.

    • admin says:

      Dear Shri. Abhishek,
      Vijayamangalam, Sinapuram and Avalpoondurai on one hand
      the other Palakod these are near by places As of now no other contact details avilable, some Temple Vathiyar doing pooja at Vijayamangalam i belive.

  24. Dr.B Umapathi Jain says:

    Thank you for your very relevent informations on tamil Jains. such a great job done by you. I request you to add more information on Jain magazines, translated and original versions of manuscripts and inscriptions. there may be a column of main jain festivels fall in the year concerned. reports on events, functions held time to time.
    மிகவும் பயனுள்ள தகவல்களை அளித்துள்ளீர்கள். மிக்க நன்றி. இவற்றுடன் சமண பத்திரிகைகளின் வெளியீடுகள், ஆங்கில மொழிமாற்றம் செய்யப்பட்ட மற்றும் மூல கல்வெட்டுக்கள், ஓலைச்சுவடிகளை பதிவேற்றம் செய்யலாம். ஆண்டின் முக்கிய சமண விரதங்கள், விழாக்கள் ஆகியவற்றை வெளியிடுதல், முக்கிய நிகழ்வுகளைப்பற்றிய செய்தித் தொகுப்பும் வெளியிடலாம். முனைவர். ப. உமாபதி ஜெயின்

    • admin says:

      Shri. Dr. Umapathi Jain,
      Thank you for your appreciation and we will discuss with you sir, shortly we will incorporate the original inscription and english, Tamil translation also at appropriate column. If you have any monthly magazine of Tamil Jains in the digital form we will try to incorporate with out any copy write violation


    Thanks for your sincere and dedicated work.Keep updating and adding the new information as some of them mentioned.
    thank u once again,
    A.Parshvanath Jain

  26. Bharath Kumar says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are planning to visit Jain temples in Tamilnadu, is there a way to get an specific address of temples.

    if need more details please write a mail.

    Bharath Kumar

  27. rajesh.r says:

    in the list of JAIN TEMPLES IN TAMILNADU the village PERIYA KOLAPPALUR was missing. the village located middle of Arni to Chethpet Road.In a village have a jain temple for first thirthankar Adhinathar in the name of SRI RISHABADEVAR DIGAMBER JINALAYAM.In this village around 60 jain families residing here.so,add the PERIYA KOLAPPALUR in the list of jain temples in tamilnadu.
    Thank You.

  28. Adithiyan jain says:

    Hello sir |madam 🙂 if u want to see my village temple means i will give full address and this verY good website keep posting and one small correction you published one jain temple name as olthalavadi that is othalavadi

    • admin says:

      Thanks for suggesting the correction Mr. Adithiyan. The post has been corrected. Also please do email details about the temple in your village. We will be glad to publish the details here and share it for everyone.

  29. mohandass.p says:

    thanks for the list of the jain temples. it is more useful for all

  30. rajesh jain says:

    thanks for information such a good idea for unity for jains…. thanks…(rajesh)

  31. Mitul Doshi says:

    Jai Jinendra,

    Thanks for bringing such a nice info on one platform & appreciate your dedicated effort towards preservence of Jainism in Tamilnadu. These all places are very unknown to outside(out of Tamilnadu) jains & now they seriously looking to explore but they didn’t get the concrete details like contact details of main centers, distance map & possible 2-5 days itinary. if you can put those details together it will be amazing guide for visitors.

    let me know if i can help in any way.

    Thanks & Regards,

  32. kamal jain vellore says:

    Superb infrmation sir
    Proud to be a Jain
    Thank u

  33. m.suparas chand jain says:

    Sir Jai jenendra I just wanted to know the location of padmavathi jain temple in pushpagiri.. if anybody would throw light on matter
    i will be highly pleased and how far is this jain temple from bangalore. This is a newly constructed jain temple
    with love and regards
    suparas chand munoth

  34. Sundar says:

    I have read a lot on Jainism and Buddhism in general particularly in South India. In my understanding, there is a identity mistake in worshiping Hindu Gods. Thirthankaras/Siddhas/Buddhas are being worshiped in different names. Yaksha/Yakshinis of Jainism is just followed in urban/rural areas. Though not a Jain, almost everyone in Tamilnadu/Karnataka uses good/bad words which I can relate to Jainism. (e.g. Vaiththaal kudumi- Adiththaal mottai in Tamil)(e.g. Neenu eanu dodda jeenaana of jaanaana? in Kannada, . I am not a Jain, I keep pictures of Thirthankaras in our Pooja room. The website may further be improved adding more photos of each Jain temple.

  35. Niranjan S Jain says:

    Dear Admin ,
    Now am developing the android application for our jain temples in tamil nadu . if u give me data base to me its helpful for me . including (Temple name,Address). kindly do need ful.

  36. Padmaraj.A says:

    Karandai(munigiri)temple is very big temple in Tamil Nadu.1008 Shri Kunthunathar is in main temple.Around the main temple 1)Mahaveer temple.2)Brammadevar.3)Parsvanathar.4)Aathinathar.5)Kushmandi Devi.6)Navaggragas.7)Agalanga Aachariyar and someny foot print of Aachariyar’s.This temple is one of the ancient temple in Tamil Nadu.Karandai is 16kms from Kancheepuram (via Vembakkam).

  37. anand says:

    we are planning for trip to jain temple in TN, we are coming from bagalore and will cover selam madurai & rameshwaram.
    pl advise .


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