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Jainism is an ancient religion originating in India with a strong emphasis on non-violence. Tamil is a classical language that originated in the southern part of India (now Tamilnadu). Not many are aware, that these two entities share an interesting and a long history. This website will focus primarily on this interesting intersection namely Jainism in Tamilnadu.

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  1. s.santhiraj says:

    I appreciate your efforts in bringing out http://www.tamiljains.org

    As parents, we always find it difficult to find a match for our wards,

    So, I suggest you to add ” matrimonial” section.

    I wish you best of luck in your efforts in showcasing tamiljains in the web.

    Best Regards

  2. Mohan Raja says:

    This website is definitely a good contribution to our Jain community. This is simple and scrollable web page but yet powerful way to amaze the viewer about the contributions of our Jain poets.
    I appreciate the website does not have any commercial advertisements.
    Many of my friends in other religion have asked me about the Jainism. I faced difficulties in explaining to them indepth. I can definitely refer this site to them going forward. I am sure that this website will admire any Tamizan about Jain contributions.

    I read from the site that we have 85000 Tamil Jains in TamilNadu. But we could see very less people know about our temples in Tamilnadu and very less people visited our holistic temples like Sithamoor and Tirunaram Kondram. This website could aim to unit TamilJains together.
    I suggest having column for Jain events where we can post all the Jain events in TamilNadu.
    Best Regards!

  3. J Sridhar says:

    I am interested in knowing the astrology book ( referred under sothidam) ‘ ullamudaiyan’. Where is it available.

    As for the site is concerned, good effort.
    With regards
    J Sridhar

    • admin says:

      Dear Mr. Sridhar. Thanks for visiting the website. Unfortunately we don’t have a copy of Ullamudiyaan at this point of time. We have provided links to any book for which we could find full text or ‘urai’. We will update the post and let you know if we manage to find this particular book.

  4. I am not a jain but i love your philosophy Kazhumalai near aruppukootai is also one of the great samanar spot where beautiful Thirthankarar staues are still exists Please add in your website

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the interest Mr. Meenakshisundaram and thanks for the information on Aruppukootai. We would love to feature it on our website. I will get in touch with you to find out more.

  5. Harishenan says:

    I would like to bring in to the attention of all audience about the false propaganda (against Jainism) made by one of the Tamil Television Channel, last night.

    May I request all our blog readers and community heads, to come forward and convey our strong condemn against the said report.

    Yesterday (3-April-2010 @ 9:30 PM IST), Vasanth TV broadcast a short story in the name of “Pullan Vissaranai” about Fake saints.

    In the topic of discussions, their main target was Jainism and our respected Muni’s.

    The most disturbing part in this program was the comparison they made on Jain Monks and Nithyanantha.
    As they say, the Hindu ethics, particularly in Tamilnadu was spoiled by Jains in the ancient days.
    They quote Jains introduced THURAVARAM, which is the core reason for such recent corruptions.

    Also they uttered damaging words about Samanam and suppressed the true facts.

    Looks like, they intentionally ignored the concept of SAMANA THURAVARAM and mis-leaded the public by such false propaganda.

    Its time to show our unity.

  6. anbu says:

    I am a native of Nangathur, a village near Muttattur. There is a hill known as siluvaimalai in my native. I have learned that their was Jain settlements surrounding the hill many decades back but not now. I could not find an answer for this question “why have they totally moved from this place”. This place was so utilized by them that we could see rocks carved and used as grinders near the farming area. big big pilers carved for temple are still lying their. few years back some People while plowing had found statues of gods, pieces of gold, pots and other utensils inside the caves. What happened to their entire settlement and why have they moved form this place. If you could collect some information regarding it kindly share it with me.

    • ArtiDheeraj says:

      Thanks a lot for putting up this westbie. To be following Jain eating habits in The U.S is pretty difficult , but can be done . I am happy for westbies like yours which encourage we jains to continue with our daily life . Thanks again

  7. Balaji says:

    This is nice website with lots of Info.
    Could you please explain what are the deities (lords) in the picture on the top of the front page.
    I think Padmavathy in the left, Theerthangarar in th middle and who is in the right ? resembles Sastha /Ayyanar

    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Thanks Balaji.

      Deities in the banner:

      – Nemi Thirthankar
      – Brahma Devar
      – Dharma Devi

    • Ashokkarthikeyan says:

      swami saranam…exactly its none other than sastha/ayyanar..but i dont understand what is the link between jainsim and sastha??

    • Syam says:

      hello,i found this website quiet by acedicnt, and saw the selection . its quiet useful and i wish that i had access to this info when i was in US. i follow a strict Jain diet and had lots of fun using the old method of finding edible Jain food in Florida(reading each an every items ingredient list).Also i would like request that you check the ingredients of the cheese’s used by subway/dominoes. because the way i saw them using the cheese, they used ready grated cheese sometimes (especially provolone but maybe others ) this is more true for dominoes then subway as subway uses cheese slices usually. the grated variety of most cheese caries Potato Starch as stabilizing agent and cannot be used by Jain’s. so if you could please check up on this?

  8. Ramachandran S says:

    Wonderful site. Though born and brought up in madurai, i have missed to see these historic holy places. Let me go on this weekend.

    • admin says:

      Yes, these historic sites are definitely worth a visit.. Glad to hear that that this website has been the catalyst for the same..

  9. Karthikeyan says:

    Today I read the book named “Kottravai” written by Thiru.Jeyamohan.
    In that book he mentioned a lot about Jainism in tamilnadu which made me in web search of jainism in TN , and hence i have seen this website. In some websites i came to know that Gounder Caste in TN is from Jainism.
    Sathandhai is one of the sub group in Kongu Gounder.
    In a website, i Found the below :
    Sathandhai (Saathan+thanthai-descendants of Jain tirthankara Rishaba deva(ref:Tamil grammar)
    Can you throw some light on this?

    • admin says:

      Hi Karthikeyan,

      Glad to hear that you found this website while looking for Jainism in TN. Interesting etymology of the word Sathandhai. We don’t have any further information to substantiate / deny the above analysis. We will post it here if we have additional information in the future.

    • kongu says:

      Rock inscriptions
      This ancient inscription carved into the rock near a natural pond 25 km from Salem:
      “Parampan Kokur kilan makan Viyakkan Kopan Kanadevan Tota Cunai (lit.: The inscription records that Viyakkan Koban Kanadevan son of Paramban, head man of Kogur has dug this well.”
      The name Iyakkan is associated with Jains. For the benefit of the monks who come and stay here this well was perfected by Ganadeven. Jain monks stayed in the hillocks and served the nearby villages with medicine and education. This inscription belongs to 2nd century CE.
      Another medieval inscription belongs to the Vera Rajendran Period (11-12th century A.D) of the Cholan state. It mentions the chieftain of kokur (ruler of Kokur area) Named ‘Pillandevan from Sathathai Clan of Kongu Vellala Gounder .

      • kongu says:

        Perukathai is an epic by auother jain Kongu Velir who was not only a poet but also a Prince and Patron of Poets . it is full of discriptions and details of institution , Instruments ,customs and manners of auhour’s times.The Story is here about Udhayanan King of Vatsa.Some Part of Work are irrecoverably lost ,and only 16,000 lines are available Now.
        The Tamil classic Perunkathai, dealing with the story of Udayana, is probably an independent work, not included in any of the traditional lists. The author of this work was a Jaina by name Kongu Velir, the Vel (Chief) of Kongu. Though very little is known of his life, a verse, in a recent work, the Kongumandalasatakam, states that he was a native of Mangai, which has been identified with Vijaymangalam in the Coimbatore district. The work is also known as Konguvenmakkadai, after the author and Udayanankathai, after the hero..

    • kongu says:

      இந்நூலாசிரியர் கொங்கு வேளிர் என்னும் நல்லிசைப்புலவர் ஆவார். இப்பெயரானே இப்பெரியார் கொங்குநாட்டிலே சிறந்து விளங்கிய வேளிர் குடியிலே பிறந்தவர் என்பது விளங்கும்
      நீதப் புகழ் உதயேந்திரன் காதை நிகழ்த்துதற்குக் கோதற்ற மங்கையின் மூன்று பிறப்புற்ற கொள்கையன்றி மேதக்க சொற்சங் கத்தார் வெள்கவே கொங்குவேள் அடிமை மாதைக் கொடுத்தறம் சொன்னது வுங்கொங்கு மண்டலமே
      எனவரும் கொங்குமண்டல சதகமும் (99) இதற்குச் சான்றாகும்.
      [இதன்கண் மங்கை என்றது கொங்கு மண்டலத்தில் இப்பொழுது ‘விசயமங்கலம்’ என்று கூறப்படும் மூதூரினை என்பர் ஆராய்ச்சியாளர்.]
      வேளிர்குடி என்பது பண்டைநாள் தமிழகத்திற் சிறந்து திகழ்ந்த பெருங்குடிகளில் ஒன்று. வேளிர் என்பதன் பொருள் வேளாண் மரபினர் என்பதாம். இம்மரபினர் முடியரசர்க்கு மகட்கொடைக்குரியராகவும் குறுநில மன்னராகவும் இருந்து கோலோச்சி வந்தனர் என்றும் அறிகின்றோம். அழுந்தூர் வேள், நாங்கூர்வேள், இருங்கோவேள் என்பாரும் இவ் வேளிர் குடித்தோன்றல்களே. இவ்வேளிர்குடி நாட்டினைப் பற்றிப் பதினெண் வகைப்படும் என்பர். அப்பதினெண் வகையுள் ஒன்றாகிய கொங்குவேளிர் குடியிற் பிறந்தமையால் இவர் குடிப் பெயராலேயே வழங்கப்பட்டனர். இவர்தம் இயற்பெயர் தெரிந்திலது.
      கொங்குவேளிர் புலவர் ஆதலோடு புரவலரும் ஆவார். இவர் தம் நாட்டில் ஒரு செந்தமிழ்ச் சங்கம் நிறுவித் தமிழ்ப் புலவரைக் கூட்டி அவரையும் தமிழ்மொழியையும் பேணிவந்த பெரியோர் என்று தெரிகின்றது. இவர் இங்ஙனம் தமிழாராய்ந்தே இப் பெருநூலை இயற்றினர் என்பதனை,


      read out full “kongumandalasadakam” , which was too written by valsundara kavirayar, karmaeha pulavar all are jains

  10. Aravind says:

    Run through the web and found more infortmation about our jainism and my suggestion is to update recent / upcoming programmes in our jain temples would make more realistic.
    Iam planning to service uneducated/ unemployed youth through training / placement in engineering type industry.
    Can we use these portal and get supported to connect with them.
    Iam staying in adambakkam,chennai

    • admin says:

      Thanks Mr. Aravind.. Good suggestion on updating site with upcoming events at temples. Readers do send in information you have and we will try to post it here.

      Kudos to your initiative and providing training & placement to uneducated/unemployed youth. However, I’m not sure if the target audience you have in mind will be browsing the web and reading this website.. Reaching out through other traditional means like Mukkudai might yield better results.

  11. anandaraj says:

    I am M.ANANDARAJ , my native thirumalai village , but i have working in avadi tank factory ,i have very proud my village suited jain temple and jain mutt

  12. Jeevagan.A says:

    This is a very good site to place and share information about jains in Tamil Nadu. My heartfelt congrats for your monumental works done by you so far. Hope the same to continue and I am ready to offer my services for the same.
    Thank You very much.

    • admin says:

      Thank you Mr. Jeevagan. Thank you for your offer to help. Your kind encouragement and spreading awareness of the site by themselves are great help. We will definitely reach out to as appropriate for any other help as the need arises…

  13. Jinansh says:

    being a jain i say jainism in tamil nadu rox

  14. Rajeev says:

    Dear sir,

    This is good site for encouraging our jain peoples to learn lot.
    I wonder while watching your video clips of anai malai in madurai…..
    Try to advertise this page when or wherever our function conduct.
    My friend studied in annamalai university.Now he doing research about tamil jainism. I send this website for his guidence.
    I am from renderipet, Polur taluk. If you need any help kindly contact.
    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Dear Mr.Rajeev,

      Thank you for the appreciation, ask your friend to make use this site information for research works.

  15. nice to read and the misinformation is valid

  16. Hi,
    This blog is a really amazing initiative. The information is wonderful. I am a student of Journalism and I would like to get in touch with the creators of this blog. It would be great if he/she could reply to my mail id as soon as possible.

    Mahima. A. Jain

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your appreciating words, we are in chennai -Tamil Nadu. We will get in touch with you at the right time.

  17. J.Deva says:

    Thanks For Website ,

    Pls call me Free Time Or pls send your Contact Number.

    Dev Systems

  18. Hemalatha Kumar says:

    Hi ,

    Every nice intiative and thought process of put this site.Appreciate the effort. I also have a request if we can have a place in the site of the Tamil jains matrimonial , it would be very useful and as for now we dont have any dedicated matrimonial site for us .
    Let me know your thought.


  19. A Rajendran says:

    I have gone through this website, it’s excellent, very good effort put by our people. Also make some kind of database website for our Tamil Jains. It will be very useful for all of us.
    Guide me how to upload photos in this website, I want to upload latest Chitharal temple photos as well as Mannargudi Mallinatha Swamy Temple photos.

    Thank You

  20. Kalyan Srisrimal Jain says:

    Jay jinendra,
    It is a very good effort, to create a website on Jainism in Tamilnadu. So far we were not aware that even native Tamil peoples are Jain. It is my humble request to all Jain Tamizens to take help of other sects of jainism for the development and welfare of All jain of Tamilnadu. Thanking you once again. Do contact me for any help required. I am from Bangalore.
    Kalyan Srisrimal

  21. J.A.Kanagaraj says:

    The truth of dravidian history and the glory of the tamil people have been masked and changed to suit the needs of some.The core is what the Jains did.The base is what happened to Buddhism in southern India.Scholars should come forward to unravel the truth.People should accept rational thought rather than being bogged down by religious affiliations.
    More research is needed on Jainism in S.India (Jains of the north cannot be seen as the same of their brethren in the south ).With so much being known about Samanam, it is only the tip of an iceberg or only the top of the stone beds the Jains used.Awareness is needed ,as very little is being taught in schools or colleges.
    I wish more people will come to the fore to help bring out the facts and findings of Jain culture in Tamilnadu.This is a wonderful site, and sure to grow in strength.Kudos for your good work.

  22. Mahendiran says:

    Very good and noble effort indeed. Please use this website to update jain festivals and news. Thanks

  23. kongu says:

    read this about genetic research journal from Indian Academy of Sciences

    it shows some closer affinity between kongu vellala gounder and north indian jains genes

  24. V.Sasikala Devi says:

    Samayak Dharshan Sir.
    Wonderful Work !
    a good Effort !
    தமிழ் ஜெயின் , சமணர்களுக்கு என்று சிறப்பான WEB SITE . இவ்வளவு Late ஆக இந்த site பார்க்கிறேன் என்பது வருத்தமானாலும் இன்றாவது பார்த்தோமே என்று மகிழ்ச்சியடைகிறேன்.
    வளர்க திருவறம! வந்தே ஜிநவறம்!

  25. avinash jain says:

    dear sir Iam very happy to know about jainism in tamilnadu,iam planing a trip
    to state, begining from kanyakumari please mail me the addresses.

  26. Vishal says:

    Hi sir ur website dont have all the info…u jst see http://www.jainsamaj.org…u can work on tat….it will be really good if u update tamil saint presently who are looking abt samaj….

  27. அருமையான முயற்சி. தொடர்ந்து எங்களை மகிழ்விக்க இறவனை வேண்டுகிறேன்.
    என்றுன் அன்புடன்,
    எல்.கே.மதி நிறை செல்வன்.

  28. Sharad Gandhi says:


  29. Sharad Gandhi says:

    Is it possible to show all these locations on google map and availability of accommodation? This will help planning the travel easier.

  30. Sugumaran Babu Jain says:

    Jai Jinendra! I had left Tamilnadu for 18 years and so many times searched for tamil jains websites and atlast when i seen the same today, i could not able to control my emotions. I felt like being so close to my ambition. Even though i visited tamilnad in between not able to know what is happening around. Even though i am surrounded with digambar jains of north india my heart was looking for tamilnadu jains. However i had been different now than the traditions followed by us earlier still i am not been happy. I would like to share my experiences with all of you. I will continue to post regularly from now onwards. I personally thank for the team behind this website and wish them more successful projects in future. You can expect lot of postings from me in future and also will actively involve in any of the projects that could help our tamil digambar jains in any way. May i differ in some thoughts and customs will be always remain as tamil jain by heart.
    Thank you all!
    Jai Jinendra!
    Vazgha Valamudan!

  31. hari says:

    its nice.
    to read jainism in tamil visit this blogspot
    it is created in 2013.it contains articles about jainism in tamil.


    Dear sir,
    I just saw this web site just now at 10.32 p.m. sunday at my home after returning from NARKATCHI-2013, with tears i just dont have words to express or to write i just want to say my dear brother please do this seva( ubdate ) as a pooja.

  33. RKS says:

    The origin of Tamil culture is Jain and then Buddhist. The first Tamil grammar, much of the five classics (iyem perum Kapiyam), early scientific literature in Tamil, all Jain.

    I say this as someone born into an orthodox Brahmin family. Great injustice is bein done in not emphasizing the fact that much of Tamil Nadu before appar and sambar was Jain and Buddhist. Whitewashing on a major scale, no doubt. But the truth will come out with more unbiased research.

    Kudos to the blog for keeping the sramana tradition alive.

  34. kanakadoss says:

    I could see the tremendous amount of energy that had been invested in the site preparation. Though it is more a compilation work, collection of data and processing under various group heads with appropriate explanation require a lot of efforts and dedication and no doubt single handedly, he has done exceedingly well.
    The site will serve as a compendium not only to all tamil jains but also to non-jains interested in Jainism.
    I suggest : ” Readers Comments’ instead of ‘ Leave a reply” AND “Comments’ instead of ‘About.’

  35. jegan says:

    can u tell me which tamil communities belongs to jains later converted

  36. RameshPandi says:

    I am not jain. My native Pudukkottai. Please add photos of Narthamalai, Sithanavasal temples. I want follow the Jainism. Please help me the follow rules of jainism.

  37. RameshPandi says:

    Send rules of Jainism to my mail.

  38. sowme jain says:

    Can you please put the 24 thirthankaras stories on website .

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