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Thirumalai Temple:

Thirumalai (in  Thiruvanamalai District of Tamil Nadu, India) is an ancient Jain heritage site that has cave temples, cave paintings , sculptures and ancient Tamil inscriptions all related to Jainism. Jain monks had inhabited the caves thousands of years ago.

Read a good summary of the history of Thirumalai in tamil.

Here are some pictures of the site, temple, caves, cave paintings and deities:

13 Responses to “Thirumalai Temple:”

  1. Aayush Jain says:

    Thank you for the wonderful pictures of the Thirumalai Jain Muth. These are probably the best pictures one can find of the Muth online. But no matter how hard I try, I just cannot find good pictures of the Mel Sithamur Jain Muth anywhere online. I have been trying for quite sometime now but only found a few basic photos on http://www.jainheritagecentres.com. There were some photos on the Tamil Jains page of geocities.com but that site has now probably been removed. This is one of the grandest Tamil Jain temple of our times and it is a pity that we cannot find any good photos showing the temple’s grandeur online.
    If possible, please upload photos of the Mel Sithamur Jain Muth so as to make it more accessible to the Jain community at large and hence an item on their itinerary.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your encouraging words. We are working on getting photos of Sithamur.. You will see them in this website in the due course of time..

  2. P.Gopalan says:


    Recently I had been to Tirumali jain temple with Reach
    Foundation. It is an excellent temple with mural paintings. Even though I was born and brought up in Tamil Nadu and residing in chennai, I am not aware of this beautiful temple and paintings. Hence I request you to give vide publicity to this temple in Particular and other important jain temples in Tamil Nadu, so that more people like me can visit and have darshan and relish the beauty. More photos may also be uploaded

  3. murugapperumal says:

    Sri Jinaya Namah
    Samyak Darsan
    Wonderful work exciting
    I will be a part of your efforts- a noble service both to the society and religion
    samyak charitram

  4. Rajalakshmi says:

    samyak dharshan
    Wat a gorgeous five statues…..excellent work..
    Hats off to thirumalai jain muth….
    jai jinendra!!!!

  5. sagar says:

    Sri Jinaya Namah,
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures of the Thirumalai Jain Muth.

    jai jinendra!!!!

  6. Dr. K. Natarajan says:

    Sir: I do not find much difference between Hinduism and Jainism. When we visit Sravanabelahula, we Hindus pray the Jain deities exactly the way we do in respect of the Hindu deities. The differences are too marginal. The Jains are very strict in animal welfare and non-violence. This is the only major difference I can see. Thanks.

  7. s.natarajan says:

    sir.i live in erode,tamilnadu.i read about a jain temple at cheenapuram,perundurai taluk,erode.in olden days the place was called as jinapuram and there only bhavanandhi adigal created nanool (TAMIL LITERATURE).what is the present position of the temple now,could you tell me

  8. Neera Jain, Rajasthan says:

    After getting so much from the net, I am interested in having a yatra to tamil nadu jain temples. how can i make that possible. The work done by you is very nice and will be helpful for all the jain in india to be aware of jain culture in tamil nadu. thanks

  9. pathmaraj says:

    I am from polur last week i went had dharshan and i am proud of being near to this place and jain. thank you for this post.

  10. ERA,PAVENDAN says:

    Exalant Decumentation.is there any floral Motifes in jain paintings of Tamilnadu
    kindly sms your number

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