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Jain Cave Temples

Jain caves and Brahmi inscriptions in Madurai and surrounding areas

Tamil Virtual University an autonomous institution established by the government of Tamilnadu has a wealth of information about Jain cave temples in Tamilnadu. Here is a list of these pages each of which has a short video about each of these sites:

  1. Azhagarmalai (அழகர்மலை)
  2. Aritapatti (அறிட்டபட்டி )
  3. Kilavalavu (கீழவளவு)
  4. Mangulam (மாங்குளம்)
  5. Mangulam Meenakshi (மாங்குளம் மீனாட்சி)
  6. Thiruparankundram (திருப்பரங்குன்றம் )
  7. Varichiyoor (வரிச்சியூர்)
  8. Thiruvathavoor (திருவாதவூர்)
  9. Karunkalgudi (கருங்காலகுடி)
  10. Kundrakudi (குன்றக்குடி)
  11. Kilakuuilkudi (கீலக்குயில்குடி)
  12. Chettypudavu (செட்டிப்புடவு)
  13. Karadipatti (கரிடிப்பட்டி)
  14. Kongarpuliyamkulam (கொங்கர்புளியங்குலம்)
  15. Anamalai Narasingam (யானைமலை நரசிங்கம்)
  16. Another Jain Temple (மற்றும் ஒரு சமணர் கோயில்)
  17. Kudimiyan Malai (குடுமியன் மலை)

Jain caves in Pudukottai and surrounding areas

Another notable source Professor Subramaniyan Swaminathan talks about the Jain cave temples in Sithannavasal in these pages:

  1. Sittannavasal Paintings (சித்தன்னவாசல் ஓவியம்)

2 Responses to “Jain Cave Temples”

  1. k.ramachandran says:

    we “varalaatru aarvalar kuzhu, nagapattinam” searching history in east tanjavur district (nagapattinam and thiruvarur districts).
    1) we identified thirthankarar statue in nagapattinam it helps to break ithe image that nagapattinam is a buthist center.
    2)we are searching for the sundera chola perumpalli almost we located needs somemore evidence.
    3) sir, we request u the thirthankara statue shifted from “Thappalam puliyur, near thiruvarur and kept in juvalamalini temple in mannarkudi must be replaced in thappalam puliyur itself.
    if we do that we can show the younger generations about the jainism florished extensivily. let us buy piece of land , build a mandapam there with the local peoples we can celebrate the functions thus reintroducing jaina history in this village
    we are always ready to help u thus exposing history of our area to the world

    thanking you.
    for varalaatru aarvalar kuzhu, nagapattinaam

    • admin says:

      Dear Sir,

      Thank you so much for your thankless service you are doing i hope your sundara chola perumpalli work has achived much progress and your ‘Thappalam puliyur’ statue matter was sorted out during our team visit at Mannargudi.

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